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  From The Desk of the Principal  
Welcome to the another school year at HKV !

I enthusiastically look forward to welcoming student,staff and parents for another fun and exciting adventure of learning and growth.The HKV team is dedicated to provide the best possible experience for our students. Our primary goal is to provide a safe,nurturing and fun learning enviroment that provides a sense of comunity and belonging.

A large part of child's active life is spent in the school, However every child get his/her emotional stability from the parents. It is the parents attitude that a child absorbs.The interset and time that parent invest in children is crucial for thier development. I request you to spend fifteen minutes if not more with your child, talking to him/her about his/her day in the school. Try to create a sense of purpose in the children and be thier friend. Encourage your child to do his/her work regularly from day one. Please do attend the PTM (Parents Teachers Meet) regularly. You are welcome to meet the teachers by appointment if there is any urgency. And also please go through the almanac for information about the rules and regulations of the school and encourage your child to follow them.

Please take few minutes to explore our website you will find information about the current happening at HKV along with the detailed information about the faculties and achievements of the school.

We wish you all a very rewarding and successful experience at HKV.

God Bless & God Speed.

(Shalini Mathur)
Principal, HKV Guwahati
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